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Thought Leaders in Achieving Work and
Health Outcomes
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Anyone experiencing a mental health or
medical condition deserves the opportunity
to work.

Welcome to Aim2Work

Aim2Work is Australia’s leading provider of health services for jobactive and Disability Employment Services providers. Our mission is, “to support employment services providers and the broader community by providing the highest quality, expert clinical health care that improves work outcomes”. Our Health Specialists’ expertise is in providing an integrated health model at all levels of the employment services business.


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Why Choose Us?

Our seven values inform our solution-focused work first interventions for job seekers.

About Our Company

We believe everyone is capable of engaging in meaningful employment regardless of whether they are living with a psychological or physical health condition. Aim2Work offers evidence-based tailored short-term interventions to assist job seekers in returning to work in a timely manner. Aim2Work clients have access to health professionals with extensive experience in the employment services industry, offering clinical expertise in line with star rating performance measures. Nationally, Aim2Work Health Specialists from medical and allied health fields deliver programs on-site. 

Aim2Work believes in an evidence-based, work first
approach. We are passionate about the right of every person to engage in meaningful employment, regardless of physical or mental health condition.

Trusted by over 30,000 job seekers.

One-on-One Programs

One-on-One Programs

Health specialists work with job seekers on an individual basis to form an initial client plan, implement solution-focused treatment, and conduct three-way interviews. 
Group Programs

Group Programs

Our group programs are implemented by our Health Specialists and aim to increase the resilience and skills of job seekers, while improving the likelihood that they will retain employment.
Outcomes Focussed

Outcomes Focussed

We improve outcomes for job seekers by keeping abreast of and contributing to literature in the field. We are constantly innovating, particularly through our PhD program.
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