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Kylie Henderson - Aim2Work
Kylie Henderson


Thank you for visiting our Aim2Work website. Aim2Work is part of The Better Health Generation, an international organisation with six specialised health brands that service industries including housing and employability, business and corporate, legal and insurance, individuals and more.

We are a community of thought leading health professionals bound together by purpose, all deeply committed to providing the health support for people to realise their full potential.

I started The Better Health Generation in Australia back in 2013 with our first brand Back2Work because I believe people with disabilities and medical and medical health challenges deserve the same opportunities to work and to access the many health benefits that being in meaningful employment brings. I have grown the company with people who share this beief, and I am proud to share with you that we have made a difference in more than 80,000 people’s lives.

It is our mission to help many more people in need to realise their full potential.

At Aim2Work, we know that people are better working than when they are not. Scientific research and studies show that having a job significantly contributes to a person’s happiness and wellbeing. It helps to build confidence and self-esteem, reduce depression and much more.

We want to help you make a difference. We care about what we do and seek to change lives for the better. Our company is deeply rooted in our values of Quality, Results, Innovation and Integrity and we pride ourselves in offering high quality, innovative solutions that are backed by solid and respected clinical research. In fact, our deep commitment to innovation and disrupting our industries are evident through our international collaborations and PhD Program – The Next Generation.

I invite you to have a look around our website and please get in touch if you would like to know more about how we can get results for you.

Dr Kylie Henderson
Aim2Work Founder & Managing Director

What We Do Differently

All of Aim2Work’s unique clinical products and services are created with evidence-based research. We are active research contributors through our PhD program and have affiliations with national and international research institutions including the Universite de Montreal in Canada, the University of Sheffield in the UK and the University of Southern Queensland in Australia.


Our Purpose

To provide health support for people to realise their full potential.

When you have clients that aren’t working and should be, Aim2Work helps to carry the load by working collaboratively and delivering a range of proven, timely and cost-effective health services with specialised skills your staff generally do not have. It is an efficient and practical approach to increasing your clients’ chances of returning to and staying in work.

Our Values


What we do, we do well.
We have high standards, and we take pride in both the pace and value of our work.


Our clients’ successes are our greatest achievements.
We are committed to delivering the best possible outcomes.


We are constantly developing new ideas and approaches.
We encourage creative thinking, keep up with new scientific methods and partner with leading research institutions


We treat people with respect.
We are honest, loyal, trustworthy, reliable and responsible.


We know the health benefits of meaningful employment.
We work vigorously to get our clients back to work.


We support our partners to find quicker and better results for clients.
We tailor our integrated services to exceed our customers’ expectations.


We offer holistic care.
We integrate health services to ensure all our customers’ needs are met.

Our Expertise

Our Aim2Work allied health specialists have a deep commitment to quality and innovation and provide our staff with regular mentoring, clinical supervision and training through our bespoke training program.
Aim2Work is a disruptor in our industry, continuously innovating and looking at ways to do, and provide better services to gain more effective and faster results.

Our Leaders

Dr Kylie Henderson

Dr Kylie Henderson

Founder & Managing Director of The Better Health Generation comprising of Back2Work, Care Squared, Assessment Squared, Me & Work, Aim2Work UK and Your Health Plus.

Dr Kylie is a clinical psychologist with more than 20 years of experience. She holds a Doctorate of Clinical Psychology, is an Adjunct Research Fellow at the University of Southern Queensland and a member of the Australian Psychological Society Clinical College and the Institute of Company Directors.

Dr Kylie founded Back2Work and The Better Health Generation because she believes people are better working than when they are not; and that people with disabilities and mental and medical health issues deserve the same opportunities to work.

In her spare time, Dr Kylie loves to hang out with her family (including border collie, Harvey), enjoys travelling and plays competitive basketball and softball.



Director and Group CEO of The Better Health Generation comprising of Back2Work, Care Squared, Assessment Squared, Me & Work, Aim2Work UK and Your Health Plus.

Fred is a registered psychologist with more than a decade of clinical experience. He has postgraduate studies in social health, a Masters in Management and is a member of the Institute of Company Directors. Fred has held senior executive positions in the outsourced human resources and occupational health industries and been recognised for his ability to grow and develop the profitable and forward-focused enterprise.

Fred joined The Better Health Generation because he is an ally and advocate for those who others would seek to marginalise. He passionately believes that economic participation is a valid and valuable psychological intervention that empirically demonstrates that people are better working than when they are not.

Fred is a loving husband and Dad. He has collected comic books since he was a teenager and is a sucker for stories where good triumphs over evil and the most unlikely people overcome adversity. He lives to laugh and doesn’t mind shocking people from time to time. It’s likely that you will experience both of these within the first five minutes of meeting him.



General Manager of Quality & Clinical Excellence

Dr Rachel has a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and is a registered Clinical Psychologist with AHPRA. She has worked in the mental health profession for close to 10 years with more than five years of experience in applying psychology in the workplace and return to work sector.

Dr Rachel has a person-centred approach to her work. She is passionate about supporting people to achieve their personal goals for wellness, mental health and employment. She believes in utilising evidence-based, best practice in her work and is motivated to deliver high-quality services.

Dr Rachel loves to learn and develop new knowledge in both her professional and personal life. This is why you might find her having a go in a local trivia competition.​




Natalie is responsible for developing The Better Health Generation’s long-term growth across the United Kingdom, ensuring high standards of delivery to meet your needs. She is passionate about delivering high-quality services that support and further develop performance and results.

In a career than has spanned more than 22 years in the Education, Employability & Skills, Service and Sport sectors, Natalie has held several executive leadership roles with responsibilities including business growth, Compliance Assurance, Operations, Employability & Skills, Contract Management & Procurement, Finance and Quality Assurance.

Natalie currently sits on the Merlin Advisory Board, a member of the Employment Related Services Association (ERSA) and a fellow member of the Institute of Employability Professionals (IEP).




Emma leads the UK team of health professionals that brings our outcomes-driven health approach to our customers and clients. She is responsible for The Better Health Generation’s delivery of services to corporate business and government and public sectors including housing, justice and employability.

Emma holds a Bachelor of Science – Physiotherapy (Honours) from Liverpool University.