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What We Do

Our highly-trained allied health specialists work with groups, including:

  • Long term unemployed
  • People with disabilities and medical and mental health challenges
  • Ex-offenders
  • Single parents
  • Youth
  • Mature age
  • Homeless
  • Non-English speaking clients
  • Migrants
  • Refugees and more.

Our services include engagement and education, assessment, intervention, placement, and sustaining ongoing independence.

employment health tools

Engagement & Education

Aim2Work helps you to make a difference and support your team to engage with your clients using our unique employment-focussed health tools, and programs. We offer a variety of training to upskill your team. By improving the skills of your staff, they will be able to engage job seekers more effectively, leading to better, faster outcomes.

Our unique training programs include mini mental health sessions as well as topics created especially for your team’s specific training and development needs.


Our highly trained Aim2Work team of allied health specialists partner with you to deliver individually tailored, evidence-based plans to support your clients to address their psychological, medical and employment barriers.

All our interventions are quick and solutions-focussed to help your clients overcome their obstacles to finding work and preparing them to enter, or re-enter the workforce.

employment intervention
employee medical assessments


Aim2Work’s expert allied health team can perform psychological and medical assessments that determine the best strategies and outcomes for your job seekers. Our evidence-based, 10-Step, Employment Focussed Intake Assessment was developed by experts and looks at your client’s strengths plus their employment and medical barriers to form the best strategy for your client to gaining meaningful employment pathways quickly and effectively.

Our innovative assessment process uses a range of unique health assessments to assist you and your team in understanding barriers and developing plans and recommendations for your clients to become work ready.

Sustaining Employment

Starting a new job can be daunting for anyone, which is why Aim2Work allied health professionals can support your clients in their first weeks of employment.

We want your clients to succeed, and to realise their full potential, so our post-placement service helps people problem solve, manage and overcome difficulties to support them to sustain their new employment. This includes progression planning, managing employment relationships, and promoting independence.

post employment service
individual employment pathway service

Individual Services

Face-to-face sessions with your clients to address barriers to work and support them to build their confidence and skills to find or return to work—use of Aim2Work’s unique tools and services to plan the most effective pathway to employment.

Medical assessments provide evidence to support a review of your client’s circumstances and work capacity.


Did you know Groups are just as effective at improving capacity and outcomes as individual health sessions? Aim2Work offers a suite of specialised Groups written by experts and delivered by our allied health professionals. Our Group programs have been developed to enhance a person’s capacity. They are an efficient, effective and cost-effective approach to gaining positive outcomes and results quickly. We have a variety of group programs appropriate for all job seekers plus specialist programs for cultural groups, substance abuse and more.
group employment program

Video Call

Aim2Work’s fast and secure video call platform makes it easier to access a range of health services remotely and quickly. Aim2Work’s unique clinical and employability tools are utilised within the health-grade secure platform.